Blutrap®Sara J. Parmesani18 December 202325 January 2024


Code: P-25017BDIN 

Blue adhesive chromotropic monitoring trap to detect the presence of thrips. Equipped with two laces per panel, the trap is ready for use. Panel size 25.5×16 cm

Target pest


Where to use

Gardens, Vegetable Garden

Monitoring period

Between March and October

Code: P-25017BDIN  Categories: Chromotropics, Garden

Where to use

External environments, gardens, orchards and vegetable gardens.

How to use

Remove the two protective films and place the trap at the height of the flower stages or the top of the foliage, using the provided ties to secure it firmly.

Sizes and dimensions

Height 25,5 cm – Widht 16 cm

Pack: 10 panels + 20 ties