BETA 2 BAIT STATIONSara J. Parmesani18 December 202326 March 2024


Code: P-03019IN

Polypropylene monitoring device to detect the presence of mice, rats and harmful rodents. Particularly suitable for outdoor use.

Target pest

Mice, Rats

Where to use

Garbage Collection, Gardens

Monitoring period

All yearlong, especially between October and April

Code: P-03019IN Categories: Rodents, Traps

Polypropylene container suitable for detecting the presence of mice and other rodents (Mus musculus musculus, Mus musculus domesticus, Rattus rattus, Rattus norvegicus). Consists of 2 inlets, internal rod for positioning and fixing the rodenticide bait, double safety lock with key supplied. The polypropylene structure makes it impact and weather resistant and is therefore particularly suitable for outdoor use. Spacer and removable inner tray included. It is also equipped with a wall-mounting system.

Where to use

External environments, gardens, garages, near electric cables.

How to use

Place BETA 2 in external environments, gardens, garages, near electric cables. Can be mounted on walls.

Sizes and dimensions

Lenght 230 mm
Widht 190 mm
95 mm

Pack: 1 trap