Who we are

Who we are Caterina Giannottu 6 February 2020

You can trust inVerde products

inVerde is the GEA Srl product range dedicated to domestic and everyday use.

InVerde offers an innovative and green approach to pest control: prevent and use distraction systems instead of poisons and chemical insecticides, without sacrificing professional effectiveness.

  • Professional protection and prevention without insecticides
  • Safety for you and your pets
  • Sustainability and environmental awareness of the production process

Prevention is the best defence against pests. Keep insects and rodents at bay with our range of repellents and chromotropes.



We care about your safety and that of your pets. That is why inVerde products are 0% toxic, without poisons or insecticides.



The experience of a leading company in the sector guarantees the effectiveness and safety of our products, tested by specialised technicians in the laboratory.


Our green commitment

inVerde pursues a vision: a world without chemical insecticides.

Thanks to technology based on the use of pheromones and food attractants, inVerde products combine the experience of 40 years of research in the field with ease of use and guaranteed effectiveness, even at home.

inVerde ranges are designed for family and domestic use and take into account the sensitivity of the end consumer. Our products are:

  • Simple to use
  • Effective and professional
  • Non-toxic
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