FRUIT FLY LANTERNSara J. Parmesani18 December 202326 March 2024


Code: P-04093DIN

Monitoring device developed for the fruit fly, consisting of a folded glue trap with a bottle containing a specific liquid attractant inside.

Target pest

Fruit Flies

Where to use


Monitoring period

All yearlong, especially between April and October

Code: P-04093DIN Category: Home

Specific monitoring trap for detecting fruit flies (Drosophila spp). It consists of a folded adhesive trap inside which is placed a bottle containing attractant liquid. It is non-toxic, contains no insecticides and is therefore safe for both animals and the environment. It attracts only the target insects and has a double catching system, both inside the lantern and on the adhesive surface.

Where to use

Domestic environments, near fruit basket, wine and beer dispenser.

How to use

Place the FRUIT FLIES LANTERN in domestic environment, near fruit basket, wine and beer dispenser and vinegar bottles.

Sizes and dimensions

Not Assembled:
Lengh 396,5 mm
Height 75 mm

Lenght 75 mm
Widht 75 mm
Height 110 mm

Pack: 1 lantern