Garden and vegetable garden

Garden and vegetable garden Anita Rubagotti 5 December 2023


Protect your garden and vegetable garden

Caring for your home also includes paying proper attention to green spaces such as your garden, vegetable garden, balconies and terraces. Insects and rodents can be dangerous to our health, that of our children and pets.

Many insects such as wasps, hornets and larvae can be dangerous and it is important to avoid the formation of nests and hives. Effective prevention means making outdoor environments safe, while also protecting access to the home.

Intervening in the event of infestations is also possible outdoors, using targeted products designed for outdoor use, for which we have dedicated an entire range of specific solutions with guaranteed effectiveness. Furthermore, all our traps are Animal Welfare sensitive and are designed not to affect other animal species.

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Find out how best to defend your home from household pests

Our outdoor range

The InVerde products for outdoor spaces offer a wide range of traps, repellents, chromotropes and deterrents that are safe and without chemical poisons for the garden, vegetable garden, terraces, carports, garages and outdoor houses.