Mass trap for Popillia JaponicaSara J. Parmesani18 December 202325 January 2024

Mass trap for Popillia Japonica

Code: P-04215CIN

Monitoring trap complete with a pheromone combined with a specific attractant to detect and capture the Japanese Popillia Japonica pest beetle responsible for the destruction of fruit and ornamental crops. It consists of a funnel with 3 collecting bags made of compostable material. The combination of the pheromone with the floral attractant allows the capture of individuals of both sexes. It is non-toxic, contains no insecticides and avoids trapping other pollinating insects.

Target pest

Popillia Japonica

Where to use

Vegetable Garden

Monitoring period

All yearlong, especially between May and August

Code: P-04215CIN Categories: Crawling And Flying Insects Line, Garden

Where to use

External environments, small gardens, small orchards and vegetable gardens.

How to use

Place MASS® trap in external environment, gardens and vegetable gardens, at least 1 meter high and 10 meters from the most affected plants

Pack: 1 trap