Defend your home from pests

inVERDE it's GEA S.r.l. brand for Home&Garden


inVERDE and its products stand up for your home without pesticides and insecticides.

New Products
Fruit Fly Lantern
Device to monitor Drosophilae

This fruit fly lantern has 2 ways of functioning: funnel + glue trap combined with a liquid concentrated attractant as they grant extreme efficacy with a discrete design.

moscerini della frutta
tarme alimenti
New Products
Food moth trap
Device to monitor Plodia interpunctella, Ephestia kuehniella

Prebaited cardboard glue trap with specific sexual pheromone.

Trappola per tarme degli alimenti
tarme vestiti
New Products
Clothes moth trap
Device to monitor Tineola bisselliella, Tineola pelionella

Prebaited cardboard glue trap with specific
sexual pheromone.


inVERDE it's the new brand for Home&Garden business. 

inVERDE customer is environmental friendly.

The customer has been always careful to avoid polluting his/her domestic settings using almost only insecticide-free and rodenticide-free products.

inVERDE offers a wide range of ready-to-use products while their quality is non-stop upgraded

Household line is for household products. It is possible to custom graphics and technical specifications

inVERDE meets all the standards European Regulations set down against biocide usage. SQS and IQNET certify that the company has a Quality Management that meet ISO 9001:2015 standards.

inVERDE is more than a name. It's our commitment to ensure a healthier environment

In our opinion, Pest Monitoring should be and have to be done in a environmental-friendly way

Graphics and other specifications about the product should be changed without previous notice. For this reason the picture of the products is merely representative for selling

inVERDE Ecosystem


inVERDE it’s GEA S.r.l. brand for Home&Garden. inVERDE products line is for monitoring urban pests in household settings.

Gea does not end its effort in the Home&Garden business: instead GEA has been a Professional Pest Control producer for over 20 years.

Its products offer cover indeed Professional Pest Control business with inPEST and Agro Pest Control with inFARM.

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