YatlorfSara J. Parmesani18 December 202325 January 2024


Code: P-25011AIN

Trap designed for monitoring potato parasitic beetles (Elateridae) whose larvae feed on roots and underground organs, causing decaying and wilting of adult plants. It is suitable for regular surveillance of Elateridae beetles (A. brevis; A. litigiosus; A. sordidus). Depending on the season and the insect to be monitored, the Yatlorf trap should be triggered with one or more pheromones to attract the target species.

Target pest

Elateridae Coleoptera

Where to use

Gardens, Vegetable Garden

Monitoring period

All yearlong, depending on the season and the insect to detect

Code: P-25011AIN Categories: Crawling And Flying Insects Line, Garden

Where to use

External environments, gardens, orchards and vegetable gardens.

How to use

Place the pheromone in the trap, depending on the insect to monitor, following the recommended calendar. Enf of March/Early April: insert Brevis – Early April: add Sordidus – beginning of May: renew Sordidus – Late May: replace Brevis with Litigiosus – Mid-June: Renew Litigiosus – Early August: end of monitoring.

Pack: 1 trap