Silverfish trapSara J. Parmesani18 December 202325 January 2024

Silverfish trap

Code: P-04114DIN

Licorice-flavoured adhesive monitoring trap to detect the presence of silverfish, equipped with four entrances. It is non-toxic, contains no insecticides and is therefore safe for both animals and the environment. Thanks to the attractive gel on the adhesive surface, it only attracts the target insects.

Target pest


Where to use

Bedroom, Living Room

Monitoring period

All yearlong, especially between April and October

Code: P-04114DIN Category: Home

Where to use

Domestic anrivonment such as bathrooms, hot and humis rooms.

How to use

Place the Silverfisch trap in domestic enrivonments such as bathrooms, hot and humis rooms.

Sizes and dimensions

Not Assembled: Lenght 160 mm – Widht 80 mm ; Assembled: Lenght 52 mm – Widht 80 mm – Height 23 mm

Pack: 2 traps