Repellent miceSara J. Parmesani18 December 202325 January 2024

Repellent mice

Code: P-09069IN

An environmentally friendly liquid repellent with plant extracts that creates a physical barrier to mice and rats, leading to their removal. It is non-toxic, does not harm vegetation and is safe for other animals and the environment. Does not stain fabrics. Its special composition allows long-lasting action. For a preventive action, simply distribute the product once every 15/20 days

Target pest

Mice, Rats

Where to use

Garage, Storages

Monitoring period

All yearlong

Code: P-09069IN Categories: Repellents, Rodents

Where to use

Domestic and working environments, werehouses, food companies, garages.

How to use

Product ready to use, spray the areas to protect both inside and outside.

Sizes and dimensions

Bottle 1 l

Pack: 1 bottle