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Food moths: Preventing and solving infestation in the kitchen

The picture shows a woman cooking to illustrate the article on preventing flour moths in the pantry

The pantry can hide many undesirable inhabitants that proliferate in damp and warm environments such as the kitchen.
Everyone will have opened a packet of pasta or flour and found it full of insects and small larvae, or seen small insects resting on the shelves. These beetles, known as ‘pantry moths’ or ‘flour moths’ belong to three different species: ‘Plodia interpunctella’, ‘Tinea pelionella’ and ‘Tenebrio molitor’. Although ‘moths’ are not dangerous to human health, their presence can cause strong disgust and it is not advisable to ingest food that is already infested.

Pantry moth infestations are very common. These insects easily hide in packages of biscuits, flour, rice, pasta, dog and cat food, bread bags and other grain products.

  • The first step is to check for the presence of the insects, which often hide well in food and are not visible on first examination.
    It is important to be aware of the signs of a pantry moth infestation, even if we do not see actual insects. These may include the presence of bristly threads or small traces of residues around the shelves.
  • Closely monitoring the pantry is the key to detecting these signs early on.
    The inVerde range offers a specific product for monitoring food moths: a pre-activated adhesive trap with specific pheromone to attract and capture the unwelcome inhabitants of our pantry.
  • The trap is safe, non-toxic, contains no insecticides and is ready to use.
    Thanks to the trap, we can intervene quickly and promptly, eliminating affected food packages that are likely to be hiding larvae. Our traps are designed to be discreet and to hide the captured insects from view, so as to respect everyone’s sensitivities.
  • How to prevent infestations in the pantry?
    Regular cleaning and the use of airtight containers (preferably glass) are the only real form of prevention from the proliferation of these small insects!

We recommend that you always keep one of our specific traps in your pantry so that you can monitor and intervene promptly at the first signs of the presence of moths!

You can find inVerde products at your local retailer and in DIY online shops.