Mice in the garage: identify the signs and prevent damage Anita Rubagotti 21 December 2023

Mice in the garage: identify the signs and prevent damage

The picture shows a garage or carport door to illustrate the rodent protection article

The presence of mice and rats in your garage or carport can pose a real threat to the safety and integrity of your car. In addition, the presence of rodents in garages, cellars and attics can also cause significant damage to cables, electrical panels and ventilation systems.

Rodents gnaw on cables and wires, causing short circuits and even major damage to car engines and household meters.

Recognising the signs of a rat infestation is the first step to protecting your garage or carport.

How can we tell if our garage is infested with mice?
Among the most common signs to look out for are droppings, gnawing marks on electrical cables and strange noises during the night. Paying attention to these indicators is essential for timely intervention.

To prevent a mouse infestation, a few simple rules can be followed:

  1. Seal any openings that could serve as entry points for mice
  2. Store food supplies in airtight, sealed containers to avoid attracting mice and rats
  3. Place specific baits and traps to catch them before they can cause irreversible damage and to limit their spread.

The inVerde range dedicated to rodents offers a series of targeted products, designed by Gea Srl laboratories specifically for domestic use:

  1. Specific repellents to be sprayed in garage and house access areas
  2. Adhesive traps to block the rodent and prevent it from doing damage and reproducing

Our traps are designed to be safe, easy to use, place and dispose of. They contain no poisons or insecticides and are not dangerous to pets.

Protecting your garage from mice requires a combination of prevention and early intervention.

Keeping your space safe and free from costly rodent damage is possible with inVerde products.

You can find inVerde products at your local retailer and in DIY online shops.