Bed bugs and traveller’s fleas: how to protect your sleep on holiday Anita Rubagotti 21 December 2023

Bed bugs and traveller’s fleas: how to protect your sleep on holiday

The picture shows a double bed in a bedroom to illustrate the article on bed bug infestations

Bed bugs are unwelcome guests in the bedroom that can disturb your sleep and cause annoying skin irritations.
The stings of these insects are highly irritating and can cause redness and itching on the face, hands, neck and arms.

Recently, a sharp increase in bed bug infestations has been observed, boosted also by the resumption of international travel. This is why it is important to be careful even when staying in a hotel or hostel.

How to protect yourself and recognise the first signs of bed bug infestation:

  1. Always check the bed sheets for dark marks, exuviae (remnants of the larvae’s exoskeleton) and other signs of insect presence.
  2. Use a special monitoring device that is easy to carry, even in hand luggage.

Our dedicated bed bug monitoring trap is safe, lightweight and easy to handle. It will allow you to safely assess the presence of the infestation and possibly signal the need for thorough disinfection at the hotel.

Don’t forget to also pay attention to your luggage and clothing. Bed bugs or ‘traveller’s fleas’ can also infest suitcases and luggage, ‘relocating’ and attacking new environments.

Placing a trap in the car boot and checking at home for the presence of insects is essential for timely intervention.

Do not underestimate the ability of bed bugs to spread! Choose professional, secure monitoring protection.

The inVerde trap is non-toxic to people or pets because it contains no insecticides or other poisons and can be used at home and on the move.

You can find inVerde products at your local retailer and in DIY online shops.