Rodents Anita Rubagotti 5 December 2023


Goodbye unwelcome inhabitants!

The inVerde rodent range includes a range of specific solutions to prevent and combat rodents in the home, garden, garage and attic.

Rodent infestations are dangerous to health and can cause significant damage to electrical systems, motors and objects stored in attics, cellars and carports.

Our solutions include both repellents and attractants to prevent and keep rodents away, and specific traps designed according to Animal Welfare protocols to protect other animals in our garden.

Icona vettoriale che rappresenta due topolini per indicare i prodotti di inVerde dedicati ai roditori come topi, ratti, talpe

Find out how best to defend your home from household pests

Our rodent range

Discover the most effective solution to keep rodents away and fight current infestations.

Protect your home from damage by mice, rats and moles. Take action now and remediate with effective and professional products designed for home and family use.