Repellent antSara J. Parmesani18 December 202325 January 2024

Repellent ant

Code: P-09068IN

Product in a ready-to-use aqueous solution containing geraniol, an active ingredient of plant origin, which repels ants. Pleasantly scented, non-toxic and gas-free, it can be used in both professional and domestic settings. Does not stain fabrics. Effectiveness up to 24 hours

Registration of Ministry of Health n 20633 of 30/09/2022

Where to use

Gardens, Indoor, Public Places

Target pest


Monitoring period

All yearlong

Code: P-09068IN Categories: Garden, Repellents

Where to use

Domestic and external environments, public places, holiday accomodations, garden and green areas.

How to use

Shake before use, spray from a distance of about 30 cm on surfaces such as windowsills, baseboards, edges. In green areas, cover the vegetation evenly.

Sizes and dimensions

Bottle 500 ml

Pack: 1 bottle